Top Monuments and Memorials on the National Mall

If you are travelling to DC, you are probably thinking of visiting the National Mall. However, if you are planning a one day visit, you won’t have enough time to visit all the monuments memorials and museums that are a part of the National Mall. You cannot deny the significance of the Mall for its symbols to American history as well as for its unique architecture and art. If you are taking a tour by foot or via a Big Bus Tour, you must visit the following monuments and memorials.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

As you can guess, this memorial is dedicated to the President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his four terms in office. To emphasize these four runs, the structure of the monument is separated into four sections where you can see different murals and statues that represent or depict significant events in American history, from issues from the Great Depression to World War II. If you are interested in the history of our nation, you will consider the FDR memorial very interesting. After reflecting on significant historical events and issues, take a break by enjoying some of the best views of the Tidal Basin Reservoir and mesmerizing cherry blossom trees that surround it.

Korean War Veterans Memorial and Vietnam Veterans Memorial

This memorial is dedicated to the Korean War Veterans, and it consists of nineteen statues of soldiers that represent a squad on patrol. These nineteen soldiers are drawn from each branch of the Armed Forces, and their unique reflection on the war symbolizes the border between North and South Korea. Apart from seeing the statues of soldiers, you can also see a Mural wall with around 2,500 photographs of men and women who served in Korea during the war. You can also see pictures of dogs who served during the war.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is dedicated to the US armed forces that fought, went MIA or died in services during the Vietnam War. The memorial is separated into three parts. The first area contains the Three Soldiers statue. The second area includes the Vietnam Women’s Memorial. The third section is known as Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. In the past, influential art history critics have critiqued the memorial for its dark color and lack of decoration. However, the monument was quickly accepted by US citizens who considered it a place of grieving, but also a place of pilgrimage and healing. Today, this is still one of the most visited memorials on the National Mall. Since it evokes a lot of emotions in people, many of them still leave mementoes and letters, sometimes even photographs of loved ones who were lost in the war.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Tourist all over the world ran this building as their favorite place on the National Mall. The Jefferson Memorial is dedicated to Thomas Jefferson, and it is used every year for holding important ceremonies and events. For example, the most popular and favorite event is the National Cherry Blossom Festival. The memorial is designed in a unique way to symbolize liberty and evoke a feeling of pride and freedom in people. The memorial is designed in Neo-Classic style, and it resembles the Roman Pantheon. Its marble steps and ionic columns additionally add to its monumental look. Inside, you can see a bronze sculpture of Jefferson, and on the interior walls, you can read excerpts from his letters, speeches and the Declaration of Independence.